“Association “Soyuzpischeprom” LLC produces ready-made feed for cattle, poultry, rabbits.

- Rich manufacturing traditions, reliance on the most modern equipment from leading manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland - Bueller AG and Amandus Kahl, consistently high quality and unique recipes

- Own production and technical laboratory, 5-stage quality control system from raw materials to finished products.

- The feed is certified and meets GOST standards

- High quality at affordable prices

- The quality of feed is appreciated by experts

- own recipes allow to meet the needs of animals and poultry in all nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins; amino acids, macro and microelements)

to get high productivity;

to guarantee product quality;

to increase the resistance of the animal organism to diseases;

to ensure the safety of young animals.

- Compound feed for highly productive cows produced by “Association “Soyuzpischeprom” LLC are balanced in all nutrients, rich in vitamins, macro- and microelements, amino acids, biologically active substances, which increases the productivity of animals by 30%. The basis of our feed is grain raw materials: barley, wheat, soybeans, corn, oats, which makes our feed nutritious and valuable for the milk production of dairy cows.

- Complete feeds produced by “Association “Soyuzpischeprom” LLC for broilers, laying hens are standardized in terms of metabolic energy content, crude protein, fiber, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The composition of feed includes grain raw materials, high-protein raw materials (flaxseed and sunflower cake, toasted soybeans, feed yeast), sunflower oil - a source of metabolic energy and linoleic acid, which increases the egg production of poultry, as well as a complex of vitamins (A, group B, D3, E , H) and minerals necessary to obtain quality products - meat and eggs.

-The universal granular feed mixture consists of valuable products of the cereal and flour-grinding industry:

-grain germ - rich in vitamins A and E;

-wheat grain - a source of metabolizable energy and protein wheat bran - a source of easily digestible carbohydrates and protein;

-fodder flour oatmeal, barley, wheat - in all nutritional indicators corresponding to the whole grain;

-beet molasses - a source of energy;

The nutritional value of the components makes our feed mixture a good addition to the diet of farm animals.

The components of the feed mixture undergo thorough grinding, mixing, heat treatment with steam and granulation. The granulation process disinfects the components of the feed mixture, makes it free-flowing, free from dust fractions.

Association «Soyuzpichsheprom» LLC, Export Dept

Shcherbakov Evgeny